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Somalia's CSOs and Human Rights (Workshop)

#UNASOMALIA in Partnership with Accord University held its annual workshop for civil society organizations, human rights advocates, students, and researchers to help them better understand and recognize human rights issues.

We discussed the role of civil society organizations in promoting and protecting human rights in Somalia, participants were asked to express their understanding of some human rights issues, as well as human rights priorities for Somalia's new government, and how the government can best create an enabling environment for CSOs

Some of the participating civil society organizations (CSOs) presented new concepts and ideas for how we can coordinate on human rights issues in Somalia, as well as shared their current activities and priorities for the year 2023

At the end, the participants, mostly youth, were given certificates and membership cards to continue working with UNASOMALIA on human rights in Somalia

#StandUp4HumanRights #HumanRightsDay #HumanRightsDay2022

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