United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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We are happy to announce that our SDG representatives are majority young women as part of our affirmative action to empower women #Somalia #SDG

UNASOM is launching a fundraising campaign to ensure funding of “Peace & Conflict Resolution” workshop that will take place in Mogadishu on 5th June, 2019 – 8th June, 2019. 

                            "Peace & Conflict Resolution" Workshop  


 The three-day “Peace & Conflict Resolution” workshop will take place in Mogadishu from 5th June of 2019 until 8th June of 2019. The aim of the project is to enhance peace solutions and to promote human rights and conflict resolution in Somalia a country devastated by a deepening long term humanitarian crisis and war.


 Somali civil society is struggling to rebuild the country therefore UNASOM considers human rights must be at the top of the priorities. As an organization with broad experience providing human rights education to students and fostering women empowering, the Conflict Resolution workshop will provide students and the rest of participants with the necessary tools to face disparities among their communities.

                                       We need you, Why? 

Civil War in Somalia and a long lasting conflict not only have erased governmental institutions, also is one of the predominant reason for weak governance, the absence of law, human rights violations, lack of health and educational facilities in much of the country. Moreover, among the root causes of the conflict are tribal/regional grievances that engulfs much of Somalia. That is where UNASOM is focusing its action, promoting conflict resolution based on human rights principles.


 UNASOM believes that Education is paramount in order to change the society, that is why is investing in teaching conflict resolution and human rights at a grass roots level. Despite our limited resources the Institution has been playing a key role in Somalia bringing solutions to local and regional conflicts and helping to solve disparities between communities.


 To continue working for peace solutions and spread human rights message UNASOM needs your help. Somalia needs to progress unhindered. We kindly ask you to invest in peace education and for your support for #Donate4Somalia campaign.

                                     Take an action, How? 

UNASOM has launched an online campaign on gofundme to ensure funding. To donate you have to click on Donate4Somalia. 

 Please note that labor is provided by the team of UNASOM volunteers thus deduction of wage.